I decided to dedicate my Tumblr, to our son Bright. He was due April 20, 2014; he decided to join this world April 09, 2014. This is just our lives with Bright. I also decided to use this Tumblr for both personal use and motherhood. Army wife. Mother. 20.

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Sharon Olds, Satan Says (via msndobrev)

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Once you lose someone, it is never exactly the same person who comes back.
9 hours ago


dont base your worth on what you contribute to the world before youre even thirty

because my dad was a music major in college and died a businessman working for a company that sold parts for planes and shit and was damn good at it too, known by everyone as “mister backshell”

what im saying is your place in this world could change a hundred times in the future and you wont ever know if you decide now that this is all you are

trust me lovely

this is not all you are, this is not all there is

1 day ago
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